The importance of having a personal injury lawyer

From the moment a car accident occurs, it is in people’s best interests to seek the advice of a personal injury attorney.

When people in the Denver area are injured in a car accident or through some other act of negligence, they are often in a state of shock. They are worried about their medical care, their car and losing time from work. In most cases, they want to deal with the accident as quickly as possible but before they do anything, they should consult with a personal injury lawyer.

Advising you on what to say

If people are conscious and able to talk, they should immediately call an attorney. A lawyer can provide them with advice on what they should and should not say. EInsurance recommends that people should play it safe and avoid any discussion concerning the crash itself. Comments like "I was in a hurry" or "I didn't see you" could be misinterpreted as an admission of guilt.

Speaking with an attorney can also help people stay focused on protecting themselves. For example, people should never voice an opinion of what led to the accident because it is easy to get facts wrong or make an incorrect assumption.

Estimating your damages

The full amount of damages caused by a drunk driver or someone who was distracted, are not always easy to calculate. An attorney can explain to people the types of compensation that are available to them. These may include medical costs, loss of property, pain and suffering, and lost wages.

Additionally, if the other party acted in a reckless manner, the court may order that party to pay what is known as punitive damages. Cornell University Law School's Legal Information Institute points out that this award is intended to punish the party for the negligent behavior. Punitive damages may be awarded against automakers, trucking companies or other parties that knowingly put the safety of others at risk.

Reviewing a settlement offer

In many cases, the insurance company may offer the victim a settlement that seems fair. However, it is common practice for insurers to quote an amount that is much less than what the victim may be legally owed. A personal injury attorney is aware of this tactic and will compare the settlement with the needs of the victim, as well as the initial damages caused by the at-fault party. If the attorney feels that the settlement is not an appropriate amount, he or she can choose to reject the offer or suggest an alternate sum that is more fair.

Protecting your rights

In matters such as car accidents, it is important for people to understand what their legal rights are. Some people may feel that they have to talk to the officer at the scene or they may fall victim to the pressure from an insurer to settle. An injury attorney acts as a protector for injured victims to make sure that their rights are preserved. Therefore, people in Colorado who have been in a traffic collision would find it beneficial to speak with an experienced legal professional.