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We represent commercial buildings and apartment complexes. Some of the most satisfying results have been obtained for homeowners. Apartment complexes and commercial buildings need to be particularly careful at every stage of the claims process. We can guide you through the process of submitting information, documenting the unreasonable delay or denial, or even helping you avoid litigation.

You purchased an insurance policy. You paid your premiums in good faith, with the expectation that if you ever needed to file a claim, the insurance company would come through for you. Now you need help from the insurance company, and the staff is being anything but helpful. In fact, it seems like they are doing everything possible to avoid paying your claim.

What do you do next? Do you wait through the insurance company's delays? Do you accept the minimal offer and just move on? Or do you fight back? Do you stand up to the insurance company and hold it accountable for all the coverage it promised to you? That may seem like a daunting challenge. Not with the help of a Denver attorney from The Frankl Law Firm, P.C.

Help For All Types Of Insurance Policyholders

No matter what kind of insurance policy you have and regardless of the type of claim, you can benefit from the 30-plus years of experience we bring to these matters.

We handle:

From Coverage Analysis To Appraisal Of Disputes To Fighting Denied Claims

We represent individuals and businesses throughout Colorado in all phases of insurance claims. We provide coverage analysis. We help with the filing of a claim. A lawyer with over 30 years' experience frequently has information not in possession of public adjusters. If a claim is being investigated for potential fraud or other issues, we can counsel you. If a claim is denied or the insurance company makes an offer that does not meet your needs, we can take action.

Our references help you know why you should hire us to deal with insurance bad faith. Our goal is to make certain you get the money you need and deserve, and we will pursue that money through settlement negotiation or trial.

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Contact us today to discuss an insurance claim or dispute with an experienced lawyer. Together we can take on the insurance company and get you the compensation your policy entitles you to receive. Call toll free at 866-858-7911.