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The insurance company may plan on you accepting whatever they offer, even if it’s not fair. You shouldn’t give up without knowing your options. Through experience, The Frankl Law Firm can tell you if your claim is worth pursuing. Whether it’s a claim for property damage, personal injury, or health insurance, a thoughtful and experienced evaluation is available. Keith Frankl has taught other lawyers and even obtained reversal of trial judges’ decisions that favored insurance companies.

At The Frankl Law Firm, P.C., we have 35 years of experience handling insurance claims and personal injury claims. Let us fight to get you the compensation you need and deserve. Call our law office at 303-300-2029.

Do Not Accept The Insurance Company's First Offer

We can give you ammunition that can convince the insurance company to increase the value of your clam, whether it is property, health, or personal injury.

At our law firm, we will carefully review your specific situation and gather the facts. We will calculate how much compensation you are entitled to. We always devote ourselves to thoroughly preparing each case, whether you have been in a car accident or are dealing with an insurance dispute. This is critical because we are committed to positioning you to receive the best possible resolution, whether through a negotiated settlement or a trial.

A Lawyer With Substantial Experience

We have the experience and vast network of resources to level the playing field when litigating against large companies. Attorney Keith Frankl is an experienced litigator — if trial cannot be avoided, he will aggressively advocate for your rights and interests in court.

The firm's record of success speaks for itself, and our clients have the assurance, relief and peace of mind that come from knowing they have a solid legal team behind them. We can provide references from satisfied former clients.

Keith Frankl has access to insurance experts, medical experts, weather experts, and contractors. His successful experience over the years has given him the ability to tilt the advantage to your side.

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