New Law Makes it Cost Effective to Insurers on Small Claims

What counts is proving unreasonable conduct by the insurer. Many insurance companies made it a habit of paying just a little less than what was reasonable on very many claims. The conventional wisdom was that it was easier to steal a dollar from 100 people then $100 from one person. Colorado recognized This and now you can get all of your attorney's fees if you can prove your insurance company denied part of your claim unreasonably.

The new law says that you, your auto repair shop, your roofing company, even your doctor's office can sue for the unpaid part of the bill and get attorneys fees. In addition you get double the amount of your claim.

This law makes it difficult for insurance companies to continue to cheat by paying a little less on most of their claims.

At The Frankl Law Firm we look to see if the denial was unreasonable. So long as the denial was clearly unreasonable we will take small claims against insurance companies."