What if My Health Insurance Wants My Settlement Money?

It is typical for health insurers to want to be paid back out of your settlement. Sometimes these demands make it impossible for you to get fair compensation for your injury.

The laws regarding health insurance reimbursement for your medical bills are complicated. We can help you obtain the best result. Whether you are insured by health insurance, medical payments as part of your auto insurance policy, or a plan subject to ERISA, we are here to help.

Recently, we were able to convince a health insurer to accept less than one-third of the amount they claimed. Since the health insurer was a "self-funded plan," this was a particularly good result.

Under Colorado law, statute requires that you be fully compensated before your health insurance company (not a self-funded plan) can take any money from your settlement. We make sure that your rights to full compensation are enforced.

Worker’s Compensation has a right to be paid back out of your personal injury settlement. Our experience with settling these claims maximizes the net result for you.