Skilled Colorado Trial Lawyer

Keith Frankl represents policyholders and seriously injured accident victims. Whether you have an insurance claim directly with your company or against someone who caused your harms and losses, he can provide you with the result you want. Keith Frankl has taught other lawyers on at least four occasions in the last few years at seminars sponsored by the National Business Institute as well as the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association. He is a member of the Appellate Law Amicus Committee and the Auto Litigation Committee of the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association. He has obtained significant appellate decisions in favor of insurance policyholders in appellate courts of Colorado. After an 18-wheeler hit his client, Keith was able to obtain a trial court judgment of more than $400,000. On larger claims, The Frankl Law Firm teams up with other law firms. Past successes include a team effort resulting in an $18 million verdict and a multimillion dollar property insurance settlement.

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