Advocates For Policyholders With Insurance Claims

We have represented homeowners with claims as small as $20,000 and homeowners’ associations with claims as large as $3,000,000 for repairs alone. We have represented public adjusters and contractors.

Keith Frankl obtained a decision supporting the requirement that an insurance company must pay amounts due under the policy even if payment will not resolve all pending claims. It is enough that the undisputed claims be paid.

Even if there is some debate about your claim, bad faith can be shown through evidence of:

  • failure to investigate
  • failure to conduct a reasonable investigation based on all available information
  • undue delay
  • a low settlement offer intended to force litigation
  • total denial of liability solely for the purpose of forcing a compromise so the insurer will not have to pay the full amount
  • in-house policies that reward employees for defeating legitimate claims
  • event caused the claimed damage

The burden of proof is on the insurance company to show the excluded event caused the claim damage.

Help For All Types Of Insurance Policyholders

No matter what kind of insurance policy you have and regardless of the type of claim, you can benefit from the 30-plus years of experience we bring to these matters.

We handle:

From Coverage Analysis to Appraisal

Keith Frankl is proud to have obtained many of the decisions forcing insurance companies to appraise claims and then honor the appraisal award. Appraisal is an alternative dispute resolution mechanism in the policy, which can provide an expert assessment of the value of an insurance claim.

We represent individuals and businesses throughout Colorado in all phases of insurance claims. We provide coverage analysis. We help with the filing of a claim. A lawyer with over 30 years' experience frequently has information not in possession of public adjusters. If a claim is being investigated for potential fraud or other issues, we can counsel you. If a claim is denied or the insurance company makes an offer that does not meet your needs, we can take action.

Our references help you know why you should hire us to deal with insurance bad faith. Our goal is to make certain you get the money you need and deserve, and we will pursue that money through settlement negotiation or trial.

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