Compensation For Apartment Complex Storm Damage

Storms can cause serious damage to your apartment complex. Most homeowner associations are comprised of volunteers who don't have time to get involved in the details of a claim. Many managers are not the best persons to have making choices about your claim. Consult with an experienced lawyer at The Frankl Law Firm, P.C., at the beginning.

We have represented homeowners associations and commercial building owners to a successful resolution of their claims. Some insurance companies are embarrassed about their conduct. Some insurance companies have settled claims under agreements of confidentiality. Past clients can tell you they settled and they are happy, but they cannot tell you the dollar amounts involved.

In addition to the physical damage to the building, the property owner may suffer financial losses because the apartment building must be closed for repairs. When filing a claim for storm damage on a commercial insurance policy, all of these losses must be taken into consideration. When needed, we turn to experts for help. Over the years, we have developed a long list of specialists, including expert engineers. We also work with trusted public adjusters.

Don't gamble with your valuable claim. Hire a team that includes legal counsel at the beginning.
We provide attorney representation to clients throughout the Denver metro area. With more than 30 years of experience on our side, we know how to take on insurance companies and get positive results.

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When The Insurance Company Does Not Want To Pay

We can handle cases involving damage to apartment roofs, damage to siding, damage to electrical, damage to signs, broken windows, water damage and all other types of storm-related damage to an apartment complex.

We know how important it is for apartment owners to get payment and repairs as quickly as possible. This is not just about lost income from being unable to rent units. This can spiral to problems with lenders and more.

There is also the concern that the current storm damage increases the chances of further damage from the elements. You need your property patched, but you also need to do so in a way that does not cost you your legitimate claim. Insurance companies will frequently deny claims if you attempt to repair the property, stating that you destroyed evidence of the damage. Our goal is to prevent such arguments from arising.

Our law firm responds quickly to delayed or denied insurance claims involving damage to apartment buildings caused by rainstorms, windstorms, hailstorms and tornadoes.

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