Insurance Coverage Analysis Is An Art

Insurance policies are difficult to read. We can help you analyze your policy. When the policy is genuinely unclear, the policy must be interpreted in favor of the policyholder. This applies to coverage and every other part of the policy such as exclusions.

Do You Have Coverage Or Not?

If you have questions about whether an occurrence is covered, either prior to filing an insurance claim or after the claim has been denied by the insurance company, a coverage attorney can help. At The Frankl Law Firm, P.C., we have more than 30 years of experience providing coverage analysis to insurance policyholders throughout the Denver metro area.

The Insurance Contract And Beyond

We analyze insurance policies of all kinds, including homeowners' insurance, commercial building insurance, auto insurance, medical insurance and more. We understand how to address words and phrases that may have multiple interpretations, and we are familiar with trade terms that may impact the interpretation of the document.

It is important to understand that coverage analysis goes beyond what is written in the insurance policy and the facts of the occurrence. We are familiar with case law and legislation that impacts how insurance contracts are written and interpreted. Ultimately, we can help you understand what your policy entitles you to and, if the insurance company refuses to fulfill its promises, we can pursue litigation to get you a positive outcome.

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