Insurance Ripoffs


Part One

Trucking companies must provide workers' compensation insurance to both persons driving and persons helping those drivers. While workers' compensation insurance is not considered to be a luxury item that provides great coverage, it is better than what is offered by some insurers.

Colorado's Insurance Commissioner has repeatedly issued bulletins informing companies that they cannot provide substitute insurance which gives less coverage than workers' compensation.

This means there can be no waiting period for disability payments (such as lost income). Similarly, the insurer should not be able to tell the injured worker whether their care is preauthorized.

Division of Insurance Bulletin No. B-4.10 was issued in 1994 and reissued in April of 2003 and May of 2007. The Bulletin repeatedly reminds insurers that they cannot sell other insurance as a substitute for workers' compensation coverage.

Insurers who deny injured workers legitimate benefits are subject to penalties under the workers' compensation system and may be sued independently for the harm caused by delay and denial of benefits. Delay of lost income and health benefits can be catastrophic.