Your Next Step After A Car Accident

Serious car accidents can change the course of your life in mere seconds. At The Frankl Law Firm, P.C., we understand the anxiety that car accidents can cause — on top of any personal injury you may have sustained.

We take over dealing with bills. We help you get your car repaired or replaced. We guide you through the medical and insurance maze. You only get one chance to settle your claim. We review all your records. We get credible predictions of your need for future care.

We get statements from your supervisors and coworkers and acquaintances who noticed how you've changed after you were injured. These statements are from people who have no stake in the outcome of your claim. Insurance companies always seem to attack the credibility of the injured person, their doctors and their lawyers. But the statements from supervisors, coworkers and acquaintances are hard to beat. This results in better settlements.

When our clients have been injured in car accidents, our goal is to provide meaningful assistance with car rental, repair and replacement; getting good medical care; dealing with creditors; proving spinal cord, facet and brain injury; and all uninsured motorist claims. Contact our experienced Denver car accident lawyer in Denver, Colorado, for a free consultation and personalized service.

Lakewood, Colorado, Auto Collision Injury Lawyer

Along with our extensive network of resources and professionals, attorney Keith Frankl assists clients with the many different legal aspects of personal injury cases involving car accidents such as:

  • Helping clients get the right medical care for an accidental injury, even if they are uninsured
  • Educating clients on how to talk to doctors and deal with health care professionals
  • Helping deal with employers
  • Dealing with creditor demands
  • Reducing demands of medical providers and insurers claiming settlement money

We Have the Experience to Drive the Settlement Process

The Frankl Law Firm, P.C., has handled many cases involving car accidents. After we have assessed your case, our legal team can advise you on the best course of action for resolution in your particular situation. In many cases, we use our knowledge to help clients seek a settlement.

We know what happens if certain cases do not settle. Because it may take a year or more to finally take a case to trial, things may happen in that time that help or hurt your auto accident case.

Though Attorney Keith Frankl is a trial attorney and does not shy away from handling a case in front of a judge and jury. Most cases settle. The way to get the best settlement is to prepare for trial. Beginning right after a car accident.

We represent pedestrians and bicyclists who have been injured in car accidents. For example, a recent client is an older man in a motorized wheelchair who was hit by a distracted, hurried driver. We also handle truck and motorcycle accident cases.

Contact Us for a Free Consultation at our Colorado Pedestrian Injury Law Office

Contact our Lakewood, Colorado, auto collision injury lawyer for a free consultation with a lawyer and learn more about how we can help you address a personal injury or wrongful death claim after a car accident. We offer a free initial consultation, and we can make home and hospital visits if you cannot travel to our office.