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Settlements and Verdicts Obtained by the Denver Injury and Insurance Attorneys at The Frankl Law Firm, P.C.

We are proud of our long-standing record of accomplishments. We are pleased to report these verdicts and settlements we have obtained for our clients.

We cannot state names when reporting many of our settlements, because they are confidential. Insurers frequently demand confidentiality as part of settlement to prevent others from being encouraged to bring lawsuits against them. You should be aware that prior results do not guarantee future outcomes.

In Martinez v. Spinharney prior to lawsuit for personal injury clients were offered nothing. Within four months of filing suit, the defendants filed an offer of insurance policy limits. This firm has successfully represented a variety of homeowners who have obtained judgments and settlements against insurers relating to hail and wind damage.

2017: Settlement of over three quarters of $1,000,000 in connection with property damage claim. No appraisal involved.

2017: Represented numerous smaller claims by smaller companies.

2017: Settlement over one million dollars after insurance company denied claim and refused appraisal since 2014. Compelled appraisal.

2017: Injury settlement of over $300,000 after insurer offered nothing for 4 years.

2017: Defended six figure claim against apartment complex and settled for $15,000.

2016: Multi-million dollar property insurance settlement.

2016: Successful appeals reversing summary judgment and actually instructing trial court to enter judgment in favor of policyholder.

May 2015: Compelled American Family Insurance to appraisal, payment, and judgment for unreasonable delay for contractor.

January 2015: Compelled Nationwide Insurance to pay appraisal award.

July 2014: Property damage claim. Mr. and Mrs. McDonald filed suit after their insurance company estimated their loss at less than $5,000. They requested appraisal which is like arbitration. Appraisal resulted in an award of approximately $90,000. After their insurance company paid what was originally due under the policy, Mr. and Mrs. McDonald hired Keith Frankl to sue for double damages, attorneys fees, and bad faith. The matter settled under an agreement of confidentiality. Mr. and Mrs. McDonald are not able to give any details concerning the settlement but can confirm that they were pleased with Mr. Frankl’s representation.

June 2014: Obtained judgment resulting from negligence of the driver of an 18 wheel tractor-trailer for the United States Postal Service. Initially, the Postal Service claimed the most that the claimant could recover was $150,000. After substantial briefing, the court ruled otherwise. Prior to trial, there was an offer of $200,000. The judgment awarded was for approximately $403,000.

March 2014: Shaysav, LLC, settled their claims against Truck Insurance Exchange in return for payment of $923,000. The claim had been denied in February 2013 and again in June 2013. Nothing was offered. The principal manager of this commercial property is available to discuss why he was pleased with Keith Frankl’s representation.

January 2014: Health insurance claim brought by Mr. Johnson against Lloyd’s of London. The complaint sought unpaid medical bills totaling approximately $460,000. This lawsuit settled under an agreement of confidentiality. Mr. Johnson is available to state that he was pleased with Keith Frankl’s representation.

November 2013: This firm represented the owner of a townhome who was injured in a serious slip-and-fall. The offer prior to filing a lawsuit was $10,000. The matter settled for $180,000.

July 2013: After recovering policy limits of UIM benefits of $100,000, The Frankl Law Firm represented Ms. Giannone and obtained an additional $75,000 in connection with the claim relating to unreasonable delay of that claim.

March 2013: This firm represented Ms. Cobb in a serious slip-and-fall situation. The offer before a lawsuit was zero. The matter settled approximately $133,000.

November 2012: Represented an elderly widow with a flood claim against USAA Insurance Company, which was settled under an agreement of confidentiality. The woman’s family contains medical doctors who can confirm that they were pleased with the representation of Keith Frankl.

August 2011: $120,000 verdict against Allstate for fire damage.

M v. Farmers Insurance: Disabled veteran using medical marijuana obtained insurance from Farmers. His plants and growing equipment were destroyed in a fire. The court ruled that this must be covered if it is legal under state law. Farmers sought to avoid responsibility claiming that federal law made marijuana illegal.

Brown v. Farmers Insurance: Farmers was compelled to arbitrate or appraise storm damage. Previously Farmers had told their homeowners that they would not go to arbitration, and required a lawsuit to determine disputes relating to how much money should be paid as a result of a storm.

Saeed v. Frausto: Prior to a lawsuit for personal injury, defendant’s insurer offered nothing. After Mr. Frankl became involved, he negotiated medical expenses down under $12,000 and recovered $60,000 in settlement.

Irene v. Allstate: Allstate offered nothing for fire damage. Arbitrator awarded over $142,000 plus interest and costs which are estimated at $15,000.

May 2011: District court rules in favor of our client against the Farmers Group of Companies, and holds that growing equipment worth approximately $10,000, plus marijuana plants, are insured under a homeowner’s policy.

April 2011: District court rules in favor of our client against Farmers Group of companies requiring a certain amount of days to engage in cheap and effective $30,000 resolution of homeowner’s claims.

April 2011: $150,000 payment of policy limits for a motor vehicle collision. The Frankl Law Firm reduced our fees because of the early settlement.

April 2011: $75,000 settlement for personal injuries, one week before trial, after the offer started at $0, and then went up to $32,500.

February 2011: $83,500 for claim denied, to replace $32,000 roof M v. Farmers.

December 2010: $100,000 settlement for lady in crosswalk walking her dogs.

May 2010: $300,000 settlement for retired elderly man hit while in crosswalk on scooter.

October 2009: $237,000 settlement in a personal injury case (confidential agreement).

September 2009: $55,000 settlement – Needham V Farmers, Meth contamination. Rental was contaminated. Suit filed. Cost to clean was estimated at $20,000.

September 2009: $75,000 settlement achieved in four months for personal injury claim. The initial offer made to our client was $25,000.

June 2009: Mr. Pitts v. Dallas National Insurance. Settlement of $95,000 to truckers.

March 2009: Brain injured client. $250,000 policy limits.

November 2008: Judge orders insurer to reform insurance policy issued in 1996 to provide an extra $50,000 in coverage after two years of litigation.

Mesch V American Family: After three years and a successful appeal, obtained a verdict for enhanced automobile insurance benefits with an estimated value of between $120,000 and $140,000. Offer at settlement conference three years earlier.

Rexrode V. Allstate Insurance: Bad faith settlement for payment of $350,000. Allstate lost a motion for summary judgment in Federal Court. Settlement was also influenced by the fact that Allstate produced two versions of the same policy during the lawsuit, and had to explain if it was trying to pass off a false policy as the real policy. Offer of settlement before summary judgment was under $60,000.

Mesch v. White: Settlement of $500,000 policy limits. Renee Mesch was able to obtain this settlement and get a waiver of the health insurer’s subrogation interest. Renee Mesch has agreed to act as a reference for this firm and is a practicing paralegal at another firm.

Bad Faith Delay of Workers’ Compensation Benefits: Under agreement of confidentiality, insurer paid $250,000 for delay of workers’ compensation benefits (even before plaintiff’s deposition and no physical injury caused by delay).

Ashbaugh v. State Farm: Homeowners brought claims for methamphetamine damage to their home caused by a third party. State Farm denied and claimed they did not have to pay contamination claims. Plaintiffs won on summary judgment and the lawsuit settled (see section “Testimonials”).

$150,000: Health insurer, under agreement of confidentiality, paid $150,000.00 before plaintiff’s deposition and with no injuries at all.

$160,000: Under agreement of confidentiality, insurer paid approximately $160,000.00 for aggravation of knee injury (in addition to other less significant injuries).

$200,000: Farmers Insurance paid $200,000 to settle claims for late payment of benefits and delay of an MRI for 18 months.

$285,000: The Frankl Law Firm was hired by an accident victim and his lawyer, who had no offers from Allstate. We obtained an award of over $285,000.

$385,000: The Frankl Law Firm negotiated a settlement of $385,000 for a client who had a head injury.

$100,000: As the third law firm representing a client against State Farm, The Frankl Law Firm obtained an award of over $100,000, after State Farm would only offer $15,000.

$130,000: The Frankl Law Firm was hired by other lawyers in a commercial case and won a judgment of approximately $130,000 against a corporation.

$70,000: The Frankl Law Firm obtained a jury verdict of approximately $70,000 for personal injuries after being offered only $15,000.

$550,000 and $180,000: We negotiated confidential settlements of $550,000 and $180,000, consisting of insurance benefits which an insurer had previously refused to pay.

$220,000: The Frankl Law Firm won a trial in Federal Court, successfully obtaining more than $220,000 in no-fault benefits, interest, costs, and attorney fees, for a client whose insurer refused to pay more than $100,000 in medical bills stemming from an auto accident.

$250,000: The Frankl Law Firm successfully negotiated a $250,000 settlement against a no-fault insurance company for failure to pay approximately $40,000 in no-fault benefits.

$125,000: The Frankl Law Firm successfully litigated a $125,000 jury verdict for an elderly woman with soft tissue injuries resulting from a rear end collision causing $500 worth of damage to her car.

$193,000: The Frankl Law Firm recently negotiated a $193,000 settlement two onths before trial, after receiving no offers before that date.

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I was very pleased and would recommend The Frankl Law Firm to anyone with an insurance matter.

– Marcia A.

As the HOA manager for a larger association with more than 160 units, I was happy with the job by The Frankl Law Firm concerning our claim for hail damage.

– Tom J.

Keith Frankl has done a good job for our customers.

-Josh W., Premier Roofing

Keith Frankl obtained a good decision in the Court of Appeals in the matter of

Chalet Townhome Association v. Philadelphia Indemnity Insurance Company.

El Toledo L. L.C. was pleased with the job of The Frankl Law Firm involving its dispute.

-Gary L.

Keith Frankl took my serious personal injury claim where the insurance company offered me nothing. We obtained a settlement of more than $300,000.

– Bob

Mr. and Mrs. Bliss, insurance adjusters, hired Keith Frankl in 2015 and were extremely pleased with his work.
Mr. Brown entrusted Keith Frankl with his claims for his shopping center and was happy with his work.
I was impressed with Keith Frankl and very satisfied with his work.

– Robert K., President, Holly Ridge Dev. HOA

Look at my video testimonial.

– Lance D., Managing Partner, Shaysav LLC

Look at our video testimonial.

– Carol and Ron V.

I would use Keith Frankl again and was happy and satisfied.

– Kelly S, CIG Construction company

I was very satisfied with the work. I have been a paralegal for many years. Mr. Frankl performed in a way that maximized my recovery.

– Renae M.

Mr. Rexrode received settlement of $350,000 from Allstate in addition to other settlements from Allstate involving approximately $265,000 and approximately $60,000, all in connection with the same accident and Allstate’s insurance coverage.

– Arthur R.

I would highly recommend these lawyers.

– Mike P.

I am happy to recommend these lawyers.

– Barbara O.

I was pleased with our result and my lawyer’s hard work. I will not give details because I settled under an agreement of confidentiality.

– Barbara R.

These lawyers obtained a $200,000 settlement from Farmers for me after they delayed my care for about 18 months.

– Celynda F.

I was very pleased and would recommend The Frankl Law Firm to anyone with an insurance matter.

– Marcia A.

As the HOA manager for a larger association with more than 160 units, I was happy with the job by The Frankl Law Firm concerning our claim for hail damage.

– Tom J.

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